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Snow Angels Aid in Snow Removal In Edmonton

snow angels aidThere is a policy in Edmonton where the snow on the sidewalk in front of your home must be shoveled within 48 hours of when it falls.

Most residents do not find it hard to complete this task, however there are some citizens that are unable to complete their snow removal responsibilities in Edmonton. Many people take the responsibility upon themselves to take care of their neighbors and shovel their walks as well as their own.

There is a program in Edmonton called Snow Angels. This is a program to recognize all the “angels” in Edmonton that aid in snow removal for their less able neighbors. The number of nominations for snow angels has increase dramatically with all the snow that has fallen in the past two months!

How to be a Snow Angel

So you want to be a snow angel? First, check with your neighbors to see if they are aware of anyone who may be in need of snow removal assistance. Pay attention to people shoveling their walks. If you notice someone (elderly, sick, or disabled) who needs assistance with their walks, grab their shovel and do it for them! Maybe you have the desire to help but you don’t know of anyone who needs it, contact a local spiritual or community leader. Someone involved in the community will be able to help you find someone to help.

Once you have helped someone with clearing their walk, mention the snow angels program and that they should submit your name for a nomination. Most people are grateful for the help with their snow removal they will be happy to nominate you!

Rewards for Being a Snow Angel

When you assist someone in need, you will feel rewarded for your service. Additionally, you will receive a letter from the mayor with tickets to an Oil Kings game. You will also be entered into a drawing to win additional prizes.

The goal of this program is to recognize how the kindness of the citizens in Edmonton builds up the community atmosphere. If you would like to get involved in the Snow Angels program, get out and serve your neighbors, then spread the word! Call Park Landscaping if you need commercial snow removal in Edmonton.

City Budget Surpassed for Snow Removal

city budget passedPark Landscaping, a commercial snow removal company in Edmonton, has been keeping you posted on weather updates and winter news this season.

Here at Park Landscaping, we take pride in our blog and website that keeps readers like you informed of the happenings outside. In this article, we will be discussing the city snow removal and reasons why the budget was surpassed in the year 2013.

Much of the information for this post was gathered from an Edmonton News article.

Increased Snowfall in Edmonton

The amount of snow that fell in Edmonton was much more than average in 2013. November, December, and January are known to be the months with the most snowfall throughout the year. On average, 17.9 cm of snow falls in November and 22.3 cm in December. This year, however, those amounts were nearly doubled with 45 cm in November and 37.2 cm in December. This increased snowfall caused the city to work harder than ever!

This past year has been recorded as the third worst year for amounts of snowfall since 1960! Additionally, it has been the worst year since 1996.

Raising the Snow Removal Budget

The budget for snow removal in the year of 2013 was $52 million. The city surpassed the budget by $2 million. This year, it was suggested that they increase the budget in order to plan for such snowfall again. The budget for snow removal in 2014 is set at $53 million!

The budget for snow removal is set by viewing trends and averages of past years. Because 2013 had such high numbers of snowfall, the budget had to be increased. Stay tuned this season to learn more about snowfall in Edmonton and our snow removal services.

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