Park Landscaping Ltd. - Commercial

With a vast amount of experience, we have worked with many reputable commercial firms, offering them our flexible services whilst maintaining an efficient, professional, and cost-effective approach. 


Commercial LandscapingPark Landscaping offers commercial landscape construction and maintenance. Our staff undergoes extensive safety training, including; weekly safety training meetings, daily hazard assessments, use of safety equipment and safety procedures. In addition, we also have regular training meetings for proper installations of landscape materials and products.

Park Landscaping’s experience includes working with general contractors, municipalities, engineering and development companies. Performing landscaping for new residential communities, entrance features, open space development, community parks, boulevards and ponds. 

We offer a variety of services ranging from full-suite landscaping to year-round commercial lot maintenance. Since our conception, we have accumulated years of experience in the landscaping industry and we have worked with many reputable firms that required us to perform extensive landscaping services on large-scale areas. By offering flexible services, we can create, but also maintain properties. Throughout the entire year, we provide commercial maintenance by the means of snow removal, landscaping upkeep, and property repairs. If you are in need of exterior specialists, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! 

Take a look at our commercial portfolio if you would like to see pictures of the sites we’ve worked on before!

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 Comm. Joey